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Our know-how

On arrival, the mung beans are washed and allowed to germinate in large trays fed with a regular supply of water - the only 'additive' in the germination process, which is under continuous surveillance using an ultraefficient monitoring system.

Once they have reached maturity, the sprouts are harvested and stored preservative-free in sacks and bags within a climate-controlled area, before being shipped out to the four corners of Europe. 

In order to provide you with a guaranteed healthy product, Heng Sieng has set up a HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) system. 

Microbiological, physicochemical and organoleptic analyses are carried out on a regular basis by an accredited independent laboratory in order to identify, evaluate and control the food safety levels of our soya beans.This means we can give you our guarantee of impeccable quality.